Saturday, December 09, 2006

Is Schoemaker An Arbitrage Criminal?

In the latest edition of Forbes Magazine. Jeremy Schoemaker was potrayed as an elusive Adsense Arbitrager, that has beaten all of Google's efforts to sanitize and hack down the black hats in the industry.

Every genuine Adsense Publisher hates with a passion, those parasites who put up Made For Adsense (MFA) sites with nothing (No Content), built Google Adsense block units. Why, they lure away visitors and potential guests in your niche from your site, unto sites where there is nothing but frustrations. This could sufficiently provoke the ire of innocent, content-seeking visitors against your site.

What we do as Adsense publisher is to block the nuisance MFA sites with our competitive ads filter. It was therefore a shock to me to read that 'Shoemoney' was reported by Forbes as gloating over his alleged evasive tactics over Google.

This case really calls for thorough investigation to clear the air. Shoemoney is one personality held in high esteem, even by Google in the industry. Could it be that Forbes made a mistake and was painting him as a 'devil' we know?