Thursday, November 09, 2006

Google Got Me Drunk

For some 10 weeks now that I've started my most successful blog till date, I have been on Sitemeter, as my metric tool. Recently however, I was reading from the blog of one of my secret mentors, of the inestimable value that the Google Analytics tool carries. So, I wizened up and got enlisted with the service. Having pasted the code on my Blogger's template yesterday at mid-day (noon), the report shown by the Google Analytic tool today, far outshines what the Sitemeter's FULL DAY report gave me.

Sitemeter showed me a Full-Day result of 410 visits and 1,130 page views, while Google Analytics showed me a HALF-DAY report of 669 visits and 1,129 page views. I am tempted to conclude from this result that Google has a greater capacity to capture more traffic data than Sitemeter. I have also not recovered from the the "Analytic Wine" served me by Google. For three hours I have been exploring the over 200 comparative metrics contained in the Google Analytic tool. Reason for my satiated drunkenness.

Many paid options of many web counter services could not match the ocean of in-depth analysis offered FREELY by Google Analytics. Particularly if a newbie like me, who naturally would prefer free services offered on the net, to experiment and test the 'web waters', before we become masters that can stand on our feet. The Google Analytics is best for us, far better and qualitative than many paid-plan, of many web counters.

With metrics like: Organic Traffic, Referral Sources, Most Viewed Pages, etc. there are no lack of thrills and excitements for a living website and, webmaster determined to make a living from the web. The responsiveness of the data depths would help in a qualitative way to determine what your audience (visitors cum customers) want, and that is what would bring them to come back again and again, having identified the desired trend of needs of your guests, and serving them just what they love, would make them to come again!