Friday, November 03, 2006

Alexa Dugg Deeper

A few hours ago, Alexa deployed her versatile tool for deeper comparative analysis of websites's traffic trends. Now you can compare the traffic trends for five different sites simultaneously. Before now, you can only compare traffic trends for two websites at a time. The depth of analysis has also been dug to five and a half years.

1-year Trend

I did a comparison of five leading blogers and their personal blogs, namely: Jason Calacanis, Jennifer Slegg, Jeremy Shoemaker, John Chow and Joel Comm. Coincidentally and interestingly, all their names started with letter J. The new Alexa tool is wonderful in the depth of which of them has the longest tail and which one has the greatest height.

5-year Trend

Another new feature of this release is the "Smoothing" adjustable scale that can be used to sharpen the line-images of the trend. Graduated into four points on a line: from extreme negative on the left, to extreme positive on the right. As you move this scale from left to right, your final picture become sharper and more discernible for pictoral analysis.

Two more depths in durations are introduced to enhance qualitative comparison. Now you can compare 7-day and 5-year trends. As Google Nigeria debuts on october 27th in Nigeria, it was a beauty to see the trend of her rise from 5million+ Alexa traffic rank to her current 25,048 1-week average raking.

Finally, Alexa seem to be gearing up for effective competiotion in the market as it switches her tool bar into beta vesion some three weeks ago. This is good for the industry.


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