Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Heart of The Web Is Traffic!

The most common and most popular index of relevance on the web today is traffic.

Traffic has become like oxygen to any healthy website, to lack a constant flowstream of it, is to be choked up or 'malnourished'.

Your web relevance is determined by your level of traffic that you command: No Traffic, No Relevance.

There is a throne-room in the Palace of the web. Traffic is the pathway to that throne.

Traffic is what authenticate your 'rulership' in the web world. Without traffic, there are no 'netziens' (citizens) or subjects to 'rule' over.

Traffic is the democratic plebiscite that gives legitimacy for a florishing and victorious web career.

The big names in the internet industry became big, by reason of heavy patronage of visitors, not bwcause they have a beautifully designed website.

Content Is King, a value-driven site would magnetize traffic. If your content is of no value to your guests, you would naturally not experience patronage.